William Haines house


Former Hollywood home of Billy Haines, Tallulah Bankhead






Our heart skipped a beat when we spotted this listing on the MLS for one unit of a duplex in the Hollywood Hills. Built in 1926, the duplex at 1712 N. Stanley Avenue, was once the home of Billy Haines, the legendary interior designer beloved by Old Hollywood glamourpusses such as Joan Crawford, Carol Lombard, and Claudette Colbert.


And according to the book Tallulah!, Haines also rented the home to his friend Tallulah Bankhead for a time in the early 1930s. Alas, the listing is skimpy on pix, and the ones it does have aren’t very satisfying. (Anyone else have a pet peeve about photos where a TV is on? We also detest it in Youtube videos.) Nevertheless, here’s the description: “Gated, formal entry with amazing panelling, beautiful courtyard patio, incredible living room with high ceilings and fireplace, den or office, spacious kitchen, 3 bedrooms, pets are welcome. Perfect for single or couple with artistic flair.” Monthly rent for the unit is $3,995.–Pauline O’Connor









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6 Responses to “William Haines house”

  1. CatM says:

    I say we get a bunch of people together and rent it for a month! We’ll all sleep on the floor in sleeping bags and watch Billy’s movies every night. We’ll have cocktails. It’ll be like the world’s best slumber party.

    I love the fireplace pictures. I can just imagine Billy’s “phantom” still on the settee. Ohhh I love this.

  2. Harry Martin says:

    Umm, what exactly is a “couple with artistic flair”? … 🙂 … And you would never know Billy was gay from that portrait. … not at all. 🙂

  3. landman says:

    Nice to see they have not “remuddled” the place. If those walls could talk!! Oh, to live in Hollywood back in the 30’s!! Still would be great now.

  4. Graceann Macleod says:

    I love that it hasn’t been “updated” out of all its Hainesian glory – what I wouldn’t give to be allowed just to visit (and take proper photographs).

  5. Peter Christian says:

    We live next door – Billie built our house for his parents .

    Love to see any early pictures of 1712 – 1716 or North Stanley Avenue

    Anybody out there with any links – Best …………………………………….

  6. tovangar2 says:

    Some newer photos of the interiors of Billy Haines and Jimmy Shields house

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