Was David Carradine Murdered?


‘David Carradine was murdered’ claims agent, as the Kill Bill star’s family ask the FBI to probe his death


David Carradine


By David Gardner, Andrew Drummond, Debra Killalea and Mail Foreign Service
Daily Mail
June 6, 2009


David Carradine’s family have asked the FBI to investigate his death amid speculation the 72-year-old Kung Fu actor was murdered.


The star was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok on Thursday and it was initially believed he died from accidental suffocation as part of a sex game gone wrong.


But Carradine’s agent Chuck Binder last night said he believed the Kill Bill star had been murdered.


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One Response to “Was David Carradine Murdered?”

  1. Gail Powers says:

    Could be channeling E.J. Benza on this one, but why bother. A grainy faxed picture from Thailand pretty much confirms what has been suspected…….Carradine had a compulsion for unconventional sex. It would be nice if people would get over it and try to remember the positive things about Carradine. He was a good actor. Unfortunately, he is now going to be remembered as a kinky old guy whose death was an unfortunate accident.

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