Valentino’s psychic message


Did Valentino speak from the grave?





By Allan R. Ellenberger


Rudolph Valentino. One of the most popular film actors while he lived evidently had aspirations to act on the legitimate stage once he was dead. Yes that is correct, at least according to his ex-wife, Natacha Rambova who made that revelation – and others – three months after Valentino’s death.


Rambova, whose real name was Winifred Hudnut, arrived in the states from Europe on November 25, 1926 with George B. Wehner, who claimed he was a medium associated with the American Society for Psychical Research.


The essence of Valentino’s revelations concerning his activities since his death according to Rambova and Wehner were:


  1. Valentino was a citizen of the astral plane.
  2. He hopes to become a legitimate actor there.
  3. He met Enrico Caruso and heard the late tenor sing.
  4. He visited theaters (on the worldly plane) where his films were being shown and was pleased at the “flattery” he sensed in the minds of the audience.
  5. Everything in the theater, however, seemed strange to him as he could “see through all things.”
  6. His wish was that his will (which left nothing to Rambova) to be carried out as executed and believes it would be done.
  7. He made no mentions in his “communications” of Pola Negri, who had announced at his death that they had been engaged to be married.


Rambova explained this last point, apparently to her own satisfaction, by saying that Valentino only “spoke to her of significant things and subjects that mean something.”





Wehner explained that while he was at Rambova’s chateau outside Paris he received a psychic message that Valentino was going to die. Later, he said, he received a “spiritual message” from Valentino calling for Rambova. He said she replied by cable and received a reply by radio. All this was, of course, prior to the actor’s death.


While Valentino’s body was lying in state in the funeral church here, besieged by thousands of admirers, Wehner said he received a “communication” from the screen star deploring the fact that he had “recognized and spoken” to many of those who filed past his bier, but that they had not known he was “addressing” them.


Of course, Pola Negri could not let this pass without responding. She and Valentino’s brother, Alberto, both said that they were not impressed with the “message from the astral plane” which Rambova claimed she received from her late husband.


When Alberto was told of her statements, he shrugged his shoulders and said:


“I think Rudolph would have communicated with his own brother if he had any message to send from the other side. I never have heard of Wehner nor the American Society of Psychical Research, with which the medium claims to be associated. It always was our belief that someone friendly to all concerned must be the medium through which thoughts after death must be presented.”





Pola, who announced after Valentino’s death that they had been engaged to be married, stopped working at the studio long enough to say:


“There has been so much trickery in the name of spiritualism that I think only direct contact with the departed one would be convincing. In this particular instance, regarding my own recent loss, I feel that the subject is altogether too sacred to be commercialized, and I cannot help thinking that this publicity that we have been reading is unworthy of the grand dignity of the great beyond.”


Jean Acker, Valentino’s first wife also commented by saying that the actor did not believe in spirit messages and expressed the opinion that none had been received.


“Rudolph Valentino did not believe in spirit messages,” Acker said. “He was intelligent, and if he had lived the world would have heard of him in other ways. Even if such messages were received, they should have been too sacred to broadcast. “


Bess Houdini, whose magician-husband had died only a few weeks earlier, and who also fought against so-called psychic charlatans, spoke about Rambova’s claim:


“There is no doubt that Miss Rambova believes the messages to be from Valentino,” said Mrs. Houdini. “I also have received messages through mediums supposedly from Houdini, but those messages were an insult to my intelligence.”


“Would a man with the brilliant mind Houdini possessed send such an insane message as ‘I am very happy here,’ and talk about wills? No, Houdini’s message will be worthwhile, and until some medium who claims he or she is favored by our Almighty Father to communicate with our beloved dead speaks those sacred words of our compact, I will be skeptical and promptly consign all other messages to the waste basket.


“Miss Rambova also claims that only real love counts over there. What was our love, our Holy love; thirty-two years of love and devotion? Surely, if love counts, I should be blessed with the gift of speaking to my dead. Surely, if any beloved dead speaks to these mediums, who claim communications, he would say that I am waiting to hear and not the nonsense they say he speaks.


“I have in my possession a priceless heritage – from my dead – letters; letters that he wrote; fifteen, one each year, not to be opened until his death, letters that breathed love and devotion. They were read by me after we had laid him beside his beloved parents and each priceless gem read:


“Sweetheart mine, when you read this I will be at rest, at rest beside my sainted parents. Do not grieve, dear heart, I have just gone ahead and will be waiting for you – yours in life, death and ever after.”






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9 Responses to “Valentino’s psychic message”

  1. Jim says:


  2. d.w. says:

    Awesome! Thanks Allan!

  3. Chris R. says:

    “I have in my possession a priceless heritage – from my dead – letters; letters that he wrote; fifteen, one each year, not to be opened until his death, letters that breathed love and devotion. They were read by me after we had laid him beside his beloved parents and each priceless gem read”

    Why would Rambova write anything about Rudy when all she wanted from him before he died was a divorce. She wanted her freedom she got it and broke his heart in the process?

    But this is fascinating reading all of the same..thank you..

  4. Tracy says:

    Chris R- the letters were from Houdini to his wife, not Rudy to Natacha. I always felt the supposed Valentino messages to Rambova from beyond the grave was phoney baloney. Nice article Allan!
    Thanks Tracy, I think you’re probably right!

  5. Chris R. says:

    Thank you Tracey for confirming this..l

  6. Amber Tietz says:

    I am a distant relative of George and to set the record strait he wrote a book called “A Curious Life”… He explaines how him and Rambrova met and how esteemed he was of Rudolf. George was a very gentle person… He died a good Roman Catholic too. There is so many stories but none of them truely knew him. I have seen the media paint him so much differant than he really was. I laugh at least they are still talking about sweet George.

  7. Dolores Stein says:

    I am a strong believer that loved ones are trying to send us messages from beyond the grave. For those interested, I highly suggest having a reading done by a psychic medium.

  8. ruth says:

    after reading about Valentino’s life, i seem to understand that the only woman he seemed to have really loved was Rambova, i think in some wasy she may have loved him also but it may not have been easy being married to a man with such a pull on women…maybe thats why she may have broke his heart. As for Pola Negri, i think she understood him better than his wife did, they has lots in common but although she may have loved Valentino i don’t believe he felt the same about her, just that he enjoyed her presence and made him forget his heart ache over Rambova.. As from Rambova receiving messages from him in the after life, i am a believer in this… in this life and after anything is possible… my father see’s spirit and i have a dear friend who has given me messages from loved ones who have passed on and certain things were impossible for him to know unless he had known these people himself…

  9. Elton medford says:

    When sound came out hiw would he have made a living

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