Valentino is home today…


“Valentino Home Today”




The following poem was published in the Independent Daily News on the day that Valentino’s body was returned to Hollywood.  





By Oliver Allstorm


Valentino is home today

In a casket gray

From far away.

His hands are folded on his breast,

In sweet repose

And peaceful rest,

While mourners pray.


He sleeps like one a-wearied sleeps,

Nor shall he wake –

For Pola’s sake –

Nor shall the winds upon the shore

Where waters crash

And billows roar

His slumbers break.


He loved, his art was always love,

His love an art

That gripped the heart.

And now, tho’ buried from our view,

He lingers still –

The lover true –

Loath to depart.


The sheik shall move across the screen,

On desert sands –

In many lands –

And press a kiss on Sapho’s lip.

But O we miss

The fervent grip

Of his warm hands.


The living voice of him we loved

The laughing bell –

We knew so well –

Is stilled and silenced with his clay.

Nor can he see

Our tears that say –

Farewell! Farewell!


Here in the vale of golden dreams –

Here in the “west”

He lies at rest.

An Abelard, whose tomb shall be

Love’s trysting place

While souls agree

That love is best.


He lies and feigns that he is dead,

Who can not die

While lovers sigh.

‘Tis only man’s “location” ends.

This scene is best

To be with friends

While eons fly.


At home today with those he loved.

And he shall keep –

His slumbers deep –

Like one wrapped in immortal dust.

We leave him thus

Alone to sleep –

Because we must.


SOURCE: Independent Daily News, Los Angeles, September 6, 1926




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