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Tyrone Power



By Allan R. Ellenberger 


Today was the 50th anniversary of the death of matinee idol, Tyrone Power. To mark the occasion, a memorial service was held at Hollywood Forever Cemetery where the actor is interred. The service was held in the Chapel of the Psalms where Power’s funeral was held fifty years ago.


Those in attendance included Maria Ciaccia, author and film historian; Henry Colman, producer and friend who served with Power in the war; actress Terry Moore, his co-star in King of the Khyber Rifles (1953); Coleen Gray, his co-star in Nightmare Alley (1947); Mike Steckler, Power’s stand-in; Colin Watling, British recording artist, and the singing group, The Celtic Heart. Each one shared memories and anecdotes about Tyrone Power with the audience.


Copy of my autographed Tyrone Power memorial service program


Also participating were Power’s children, Romina and Taryn, the daughters he had with actress, Linda Christian, and Tyrone Power, Jr., whose mother was Debbie Ann Minardos, the actor’s last wife.


Tyrone Jr. was the emcee and shared stories, including one about being taught how to ride a bicycle at Hollywood Cemetery by his father’s stand-in, Mike Steckler. He also recalled that he recently appeared in a friend’s film and one of the scenes was shot at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. When he later saw the rushes, he noticed that in one shot he could see his father’s grave over his shoulder. He noted that, “This man is dead and he’s able to make it into my scene.”


Taryn recalled how she and her family recently survived a fire at her home in Wisconsin. The intensity of the flames blew many pieces of her father’s memorabilia through the roof and onto the snow covered lawn. Many pieces survived and one item in particular was an article about In Old Chicago (1937) showing a man fleeing the flames of the great Chicago fire.


Power’s eldest child, Romina, was seven years old when her father died and was attending school in Mexico. She read a letter from him sent from the set of Solomon and Sheba (1959), the film he was working on at the time of his death. In it her spoke of his love and affection and that he was sorry to be away, but promised to spend the following summer with her. Sadly, she didn’t receive the letter until after his death and never had the chance to respond, so she wrote a reply and read it to the audience. This was also the first time that she attended one of her father’s memorials.


Afterward, everyone walked to the gravesite where the Celtic Heart once again shared their music and Reverend Gary Dickey gave the closing prayer.



Chapel of the Psalms where Tyrone Power’s funeral was held 50 years ago


Tyrone Power’s gravesite prior to the service


Flower tribute



Tyrone Power, Jr.



Tyrone, Jr. and Romina Power. Terry Moore and Coleen Gray are behind them


Taryn Power, Mrs. Tyrone Power Jr, Tyrone Power Jr, and Romina Power


The family of Tyrone Power. Taryn, Tyrone Jr. and Romina are in the center




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15 Responses to “Tyrone Power 50th Anniversary Memorial…”

  1. Melissa says:

    What a complete and utter joy it was to attend this classy, heartfelt event. The company I kept wasn’t bad, either. Marvelous photos, Allan…thank you so much for this splendid posting.

  2. Joan says:

    It was an amazing memorial service and last night at the American Cinematheque tribute to Tyrone Power was a night to remember. The place was packed for The Razor’s Edge. The panel with costars Piper Laurie, Jayne Meadows, Coleen Gray and Terry Moore was incredible. And the memorabilia! I’ve never seen so much beautiful Hollywood memorabilia, all on Tyrone Power. Wonderful.

  3. Harry Martin says:

    Allan, thanks for such a great post and report!

  4. Susan Farrell says:

    I’ve just discovered this site and I am glad I did. Allan, thanks so much for your post and pictures re: Tyrone Power’s service. I am earmarking your site as a “favorite”.

  5. Linda del Valle says:

    Don’t give short shrift to the person who suggested and planned the event, Maria Ciaccia, who appears on the DVD collections. She did a magnificent job with the American Cinematheque tribute. The movies she chose were wonderful and her memorabilia was magnificent. I loved what she said on Sunday night about the true meaning of legacy.

  6. Melody Vasquez says:

    Thank you for posting this–for those of us who are Tyrone Power fans and couldn’t make it out to California, this is such a treat. I’m happy that all three of his children were able to attend this service.

    How sad they were not able to know their father better, especially for Tyrone, Jr., who didn’t know him at all. But his dad managed to be in that particular scene–what a great story!

  7. Eve Coulson says:

    I found this while searching for some information/wisdom/guidance on how to relate to the 50th anniversary of my father’s death. I was shocked to find anything–and felt an instant affinity with Romina, as I was also 7 when my father died, 50 years ago this coming Tuesday, January 27. I would value the opportunity to be in touch with Romina just to hear more about how it is for her at this time. As it happens, I will be in Los Angeles and Long Beach from Jan 31-Feb 8 (I live in New Jersey).
    Eve Coulson

  8. David Caban says:

    Taryn Power made a movie in 1972 that I watched as a kid, the name was “Maria”. Does anyone know where I can find a copy? Preferably DVD.

  9. Angela Garrett says:

    I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend this most memorable occasion.
    Tyrone Power is my favorite actor of all time.
    It was also enjoyable meeting family members and Tyrone Power’s friends.

  10. Dear Sir, I am a great fan of Tyrone Power, although too young to remember him, I am an internet acquaintance of Colin Watling who has kindly passed on a CD I wrote and presented myself to such as Maria Ciaccia etc, thought it might be suitable for radio, I am a published writer in the UK and have written a fantasy novel inspired by Tyrone’s persona. I am very much hoping my CD will come to the ears of someone important who will do something with it. I also sent a copy of my book for children to Romina’s former home in \italy, but fear it must have got lost, I would like to know if she ever received it! I am also thinking of writing a new biography of Tyrone Power…can you help?

    Yours Victoria H TurnerPS CD is about Tyrone’s life and career!

    Hi Victoria, the best I can do is post your email and hope that someone will see it that can help you (that’s not impossible). Good luck. — Allan

  11. diane says:

    He is still missed today–and Ty Jr looks so much like him. For us who remember him — he will always be missed.

  12. Glenda Baker Hawkins says:

    I am a lover of old Hollywood, movies of that era and, of course the stars of that time. Tyrone Power’s persona fills the screen! What a gift he had.

    Today, there are actors. But, no stars. Stars lived in days gone by. Those of us that were born after that wonderful time enjoy and delight in those movies. Especially Tyrone Power’s movies!

  13. Marcos Maurício Mendes Lima says:

    Tyrone was a catholic, and was one the finest actors in Hollywood. Very dear in Brazil, where her twice with Annabella and with Cesar Romero.I have in my collection the book “The Films of Tyrone Power” by Dennis Belafonte and Alvin H.Marill. I love their films.”Blood and Sand” with Rita hayworth and Linda Darnell,is the movie would to paradiso. Who god story forever in our hand…

  14. Looking for information on the mural by the van Laydens for Tyrone photographed by Colin Watling displayed at the memorial.

  15. Fay Vricella says:

    I was a young girl when I first saw him on the screen. It was a beautiful man and of the magnificent era of time gone by. So sad. Nobody come up to the stature of stars we had at that time.
    We lost him to soon.

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