Tour of Rosedale Cemetery…


Angelus Rosedale Cemetery


Angelus Rosedale Cemetery


By Allan R. Ellenberger


Yesterday was a typical sunny day in California and a perfect morning to spend in a cemetery. I attended a walking tour at Angelus Rosedale cemetery sponsored by the Studio for Southern California History.



Steve Goldstein and Joe Walker


Our tour guides for the day were author Steve Goldstein and Los Angeles criminal history expert, Joe Walker (above).  


Steve is the author of, LA’s Graveside Companion: Where the V.I.P.s R.I.P. which is on bookstands now from Schiffer Books.


The tour was a comination of film stars, Los Angeles historic figures, murder victims and killers. Angelus Rosedale Cemetery is located at 1831 W. Washington Blvd.


Here are just a few of the residents that were covered in Saturday’s tour:












Hattie McDaniel's grave


Academy Award winning actress for

Gone With the Wind (1939).





Dooley Wilson's grave


Actor besy-known for his role as Sam in

Casablanca (1942).




Anna May Wong's grave


The first Chinese-American film star and the first Asian-American to become an international star who has more than 80 film credits to her name.





Phinneas Baning's grave


Southern California pioneer. Known as “The Father of the Port of Los Angeles,” he was one of the founders of the town of Wilmington, which was named for his birthplace.





David Burbank


A New Hampshire-born dentist and entrepreneur who founded the city of Burbank, California.





Caroline Severance


Woman’s club leader; women’s rights activist; and abolitionist.




Todd Browning's grave


Motion picture director best known for the films London After Midnight (1927), Dracula (1931) and Freaks (1932)





Maria Rasputin


Daughter of the Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin.





Louise Peete's grave


Infamous serial killer who was executed in the gas chamber at San Quentin at age 66. She lies in an unmarked grave.





Harry Kellar's grave


Magician who presented large stage shows during the late 1800s and early 1900s. A predecessor of Harry Houdini.




Mable Monohan's grave


A once-famous roller skater who once toured on the Orpheum circuit, and was strangled with a strip of her own bed sheet. Barbara Graham was convicted of her murder though she allegedly did not actually participate. Susan Hayward played the part of Graham in the film I Want to Live and received an Academy Award.





Honorable Wu


Chinese-American actor in such films as Stowaway (1936) and Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939)



Rosedale Cemetery




Rosedale Cemetery tour



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5 Responses to “Tour of Rosedale Cemetery…”

  1. Landman says:

    Very interesting. Would have loved to been on the tour too. Lots of history in cemeteries. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Harry Martin says:

    Thanks for all the details with the photos. Love those old murder stories. (Ummm, does that say something about me?)


  3. Allan, I am so happy you are coming on these tours, and am very touched to have made your infamous blog. Your support means the world to me, as I consider you to be an authority on the subject. This blog is just one of the many ways I enjoy your work. Keep it up, we all love it.

  4. Robert Clairmnt says:

    Do you know how I can find out if and where Ben Maddox, Hollywood syndicated journalist during the l920-40’s is buried in Angelus Rosedale? Soc. Security Death Records show him buried in Rosedale;any help you can provide me will be appreciated.
    You can visit or call the office at (323) 734-3155 and they can tell you his location. They are very friendly and helpful there. Good luck. — Allan

  5. Dennis Davis says:

    Are there any plans to get a list of all interred on line?
    I don’t know of any. That would be a big undertaking (no pun intended)

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