Toto finds a home at Hollywood Forever




 By Allan R. Ellenberger


Today fans of Toto and the Wizard of Oz gathered at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the unveiling and dedication of the Toto Memorial. Cloudy skys turned to sun, however there were no rainbows but only smiling faces and many, many Cairn Terriers to celebrate the day.


Those who had part in the ceremony included Chanell O’Farrill who welcomed everyone on behave of Hollywood Forever; members of the Toto Memorial Committee, J. P. Myers, Steve Goldstein; Mark Dodge from FixNation, and Robert Baum, the great-grandson of The Wizard of Oz creator, L. Frank Baum. After the crowd sang a chorus of “Over the Rainbow,” the unveiling went off with smoothly. Many thanks go to all who participated today and Tyler Cassity, owner of Hollywood Forever who donated the land the memorial stands on. Enjoy the following photos from todays festivities.




Fans and several Cairn Terriers begin to gather for todays ceremony




These Cairns had front row seats for the unveiling




Claire and Robert Baum, great-grandson of author L. Frank Baum




Robert Baum speaks to the crowd before the unveiling




Waiting for the unveiling




 The unveiling of the Toto Memorial. From left, Robert Baum, J.P. Myers, Steve Goldstein, Mark Dodge, Tyler Cassity




Welcome home Toto.

(Toto sculpted by Roman Gal and the base was designed by Arsen Oganesyan)




Above and below, the inscriptions on either side of the memorial






Toto (1933-1945)




The Cairn Terrier Club of Southern California




J.P. Myers and Steve Goldstein, the brains behind the Toto Memorial Marker. Congratulations gentlemen on a job well done.




Olivia Francis with Toto



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26 Responses to “Toto finds a home at Hollywood Forever”

  1. michael svoboda says:

    to a job well done, from a fan in colorado, thank you!!! I hope to see it soon.

  2. Terry Myers says:

    Outstanding coverage.

  3. Mark Masek says:

    Nicely done, Allan! Great photos.

  4. Graceann Macleod says:

    What a beautiful and appropriate memorial to a beloved part of film history. I love the “yellow brick road” of flowers leading to the monument.

  5. Carol says:

    Wonderful memorial…I can’t wait to see it on my next trip out!!

  6. Landman says:

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Toto lives on in our hearts and on the screen. Now, all can pay their respects to this very “special Star”. God bless you Toto, and all who made this memorial possible.

  7. Thank you, Allan, for the very nice coverage and for your support always. It was great to see you there. And unlike the esteemed CNN, you spelled my name right!

  8. Harry Martin says:

    LOVE the last photo

  9. d.w. says:

    Great Photos Allan – It was like I was there. The last photo is awesome.

  10. Kathleen Di Scenna says:

    How befitting for Toto. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    From: The Land of Oz Preservation Company and The Lyman Frank Baum Foundation
    Syracuse, New York

  11. Diane says:

    Two woofs up!

  12. Anne says:

    Great coverage on a beautiful memorial dedicated to TOTO. Thank you Allan!!

  13. This touched my heart… it’s lovely to see people remember cherished friends and national treasures like this. Well done…

    Here’s my pup, Pavlov. A Cairn too!

    I love those pups… sweet, loyal friends. HI ALL CAIRN & TOTO LOVERS!

  14. Debra Bolam says:

    I am actually watching THE WIZARD OF OZ tonite on TBS TV channel (NOV.5, 2011) and decided to research about TERRY when I came across this website! I think it is wonderful to construct a tribute to the adorable lil’ cairn terrier where the public can view the statue and remember her fondly forever.

  15. MWilson says:

    Thanks to the organizers for this excellent memorial. I’m very curious: are there any remaining clues about where Terry/Toto might be buried in relation to the Ventura freeway? It would be a worthy project to locate her! -MW

  16. nick says:

    what did toto die of

  17. J. Koonce says:

    Love Cairns. I have had 3, all different personalities but all so sweet and loving. Rest in peace Toto. A great tribute to you.

  18. Anne says:

    Beautiful photos on a great memorial dedicated to a beloved sweet Toto .RIP Toto. You will forever remain in our fondest memories.

  19. Robert says:

    As to where Toto was buried along the Ventura Highway, we would need to look at old records to see where Carl Spitz’s ranch was located, and where his pet cemetery was located on the property. There might be family members who remember the ranch as it was before 1958. If the cemetery was ‘bull-dozed’ then the grave is lost.

  20. kaitlin says:

    I miss and loved Toto(terry).that dog was very special. 🙂 miss terry so much.

  21. I love you Toto! Just watching you in “Bright Eyes” with Shirley Temple. You are so loved! Thank you for all the wonderful memories! ~Voxx~

  22. Dave says:

    I saw Terry in “Fury” this past weekend and today learned she was also Toto. Her story here has a happy ending which I am glad for

  23. Chip Gallo says:

    I saw Terry this morning in “Tortilla Flat.” She gave an enthusiastic performance and even did a stunt leap. It was an ensemble role with several other canine actors but she shared the limelight well. Thanks for the memorial page!

  24. Linda Hansen says:

    Toto was so-o-o smart in the Wizard of Oz movie!! Wow! She followed Dorothy where ever she went. It was like she really knew she was in a movie. She loved her. TCM should talk more about Toto as one of the central players in the movie.

  25. Dee Rutledge says:

    This was such a thoughtful and wonderful gesture to give Toto immortality…The Yellow Brick Road led her to her Forever Home…
    I watch ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ every year when one Channel or another plays it. When I was a little girl I cried and laughed all the way to the end and still do at 52…Toto and the movie are part of my life…It is a shame that her actual Grave was destroyed for a freeway…They call it progress but I don’t know about that sometimes it feels like just the opposite…I am happy to know she has a Memorial that will hopefully last forever…

  26. Patty Olson says:

    I’m so happy to see that the spirit of Terry (Toto) now has a place to reside. I hope it brings her as much happiness as she brings to everyone who has ever watched “The Wizard of Oz”. May she forever rest in peace.

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