Tony Curtis’ Autobiography…

Tony Curtis didn’t get no respect from Hollywood

By Elizabeth Snead
Los Angeles Times


Tony Curtis, 84, has written his autobiography, “American Prince,” in which he details his impoverished childhood, a physically abusive mother and cold father, his five marriages, alienation from his children, the deaths of his younger brother and his youngest son, the decline of his acting career, and his past cocaine and sex addictions.


25785477 Wow. It’s a miracle he had the time or energy to star in such classics as Some Like It Hot, The Outsider, Sweet Smell of Success, Spartacus and The Defiant Ones, which earned him an Oscar nomination for lead actor. 


But the veteran actor blames Hollywood for not giving him better roles. He says they gave him the lightweight roles and offered the meaty roles to actors such as Paul Newman and Marlon Brando.


He has some choice words for other actors too, calling Jerry Lewis “cruel,” Shelley Winters “very obnoxious” and Danny Kaye “a vicious man.”


Curtis also slams the actors union, accusing the members of not taking his acting abilities seriously.


He told USA Today: “I don’t feel like I got the movies I should’ve gotten. I felt I deserved more than that the industry had given me. I felt I should have been considered more, with a little more respect from the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy.”


Kinda sounds like he’s ready to star in a remake of Grumpy Old Men. Bitter, much, Tony?




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