The Story of Temple Drake


The Story of Temple Drake


The Story of Temple Drake


The following is an unsourced review of the film,
The Story of Temple Drake (1933)


Those who are supposed to know about the motion picture business were pretty sure that Paramount would never be able to get a version of “Sanctuary” that would get past the censors. Yet Paramount did it and though the story is deodorized and generally spring-cleaned, it still carries the punch and wallop that it packed as a novel.


Miriam Hopkins, who is actually far too lovely for just one woman, has the role of the little southern girl and Jack La Rue bagged the role that George Raft turned down. William Gargan, who has certainly found his ideal working conditions in Hollywood, plays the man “who is too good to be married to anyone like me.” And, once more, he does a grand job with it.


“Sanctuary,” by William Faulkner, was labeled one of the most sensational stories ever written. Though much of the caustic characterizations must, of necessity, be lost on the way to the screen, there is still enough left to make this production one of the cinematic thrills of the season.


Miriam Hopkins bit off a large mouthful… and your reviewer certainly never thought that any real sympathy could be secured for the characters of Mr. Faulkner’s novel — they rang too strange and false — yet that is just what Miriam does. And she deserves your praise and attention.


We think you’d better go to see it.


Someone has downloaded the entire film onto the You Tube web site. If you haven’t seen the film, here is a chance to enjoy a classic pre-code film that is not available on DVD. NOTE: The film is broken up into approximately 10 minute segments.  Part 1 is below.







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2 Responses to “The Story of Temple Drake”

  1. They should definately release this one on dvd soon!

  2. Colleen says:

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve seen a very poor unofficial version, but I will watch it again. I agree this should definitely be on DVD – Miriam’s terrific performance aside, it’s important to the history of film. Another film I’d love to see is The Stranger’s Return. Do you know anything about its availability? Also, one last point: Miriam is being featured on TCM on August 20. Sorry to ramble, love your site.

    A. — I’ve seen The Stranger’s Return in a bootleg version. Would love to see a better print. Since its MGM, TCM owns it and could show it. I’m looking to forward the Miriam’s day on TCM in August. Thanks for reading.. Allan

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