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The Godfather 40th Anniversary at the Chinese Theatre

Thursday, September 6th, 2012


40th Anniversary Screening of “The Godfather” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre



Made for $6 Million, It’s Grossed $250 Million


“Here’s An Offer You Can’t Refuse:” 25 Cent Movie


Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Monday, September 10, 2012



Come early to visit refurbished forecourt tablets of Duvall, Pacino, and More!




TICKETS can be had at:



Hollywood, Calif. – Sept. 10, 2012–In a 40th Anniversary salute to a Hollywood classic, The Godfather, Grauman’s Chinese will screen the film at 8PM on Monday, September 10 for 25 cents a ticket.


Come early to visit refurbished forecourt tablets of Duvall, Pacino, and More!

(Forecourt event: 7PM, 25 cent ticket “THE GODFATHER” screening at 8PM)


The 25 cent screening is part of Grauman’s ongoing 85th anniversary celebration, when tickets cost a quarter.  


“It was clear, even when the movie opened in 1972, that Coppola had created a landmark in American cinema. It remains the high point of his career,” wrote The San Francisco Chronicle.


“What we couldn’t see then was how wide the film’s influence would spread. There’s barely a gangster movie, a family epic or a movie about Italian Americans that doesn’t inevitably use “The Godfather” as a frame of reference. It’s more than a standard-bearer for critics and filmmakers — it’s a monument.”



About the Chinese Theatres

Since 1927, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre has been the home of the most important, star powered red carpet movie premieres and special events, where Hollywood’s biggest and brightest talents have come to watch their movies.  The most famous movie theatre on the globe is world-renowned for its unique forecourt of the stars, featuring cement hand and footprints of major movie stars, from Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt, and numerous stars from all eras of Hollywood.  In addition to being a major international tourist destination, The Chinese Theatre, and its six adjacent cinemas, the Chinese 6, are everyday working movie theatres, hosting millions of moviegoers year round.   



Carmine Coppola’s 100th Birthday

Friday, June 11th, 2010


Carmine Coppola







Click below to listen to Intermezzo by Carmine Coppola from The Godfather III