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Michael Hopkins Birthday!

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael Hopkins!


Michael and Miriam Hopkins

Miriam Hopkins and her son Michael (photo by Jean Negulesco)
(Courtesy of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)



Today is the 76th birthday of Miriam Hopkins son, Michael. Miriam adopted Michael when he was six weeks old from The Cradle, an adoption agency in Evanston, Illinois. Her friend, writer Dorothy Parker, accompanied Miriam to Chicago for support.


I’ve been asked if Michael and his mother had a similar relationship as Joan Crawford reportedly had with her adopted daughter Christina. I can say that the answer is no — the Hopkins’ relationship was a caring relationship. At the age of eight Michael began attending private schools in Arizona, California and the east. After school, Michael joined the Air Force and made that his career. While based in Morrocco, he met and married a French girl, Christiane. In 1955 they made Miriam a grandmother when their son Thomas was born.


I am happy to say that Michael Hopkins, his wife Christiane and their son Michael are all supporting and cooperating with my biography of their mother and grandmother, Miriam Hopkins.


The following is from an unsourced newspaper dated May 5, 1932

Miriam Hopkins Adopts Orphanage Baby Boy


Signing of Papers Reveals Actress’s Divorce


CHICAGO, May 4 (AP) — Miriam Hopkins, an actress, was aboard a New York-bound train today playing a new role, mother to an adopted baby boy, whom she selected yesterday from The Cradle, an Evanston orphanage.


In answering questions necessary to the infant’s legal adoptin, the screen and stage actress revealed in court that she and her playwright husband, Austin Parker, were divorced. They separated about a year ago.


Discovery of her plan to adopt a child and the resulting publicity irked the actress and after adoption papers were signed she left Judge Edmund K. Jarecki’s court, declaring she did not want to talk about it, or anything else for that matter.


“I hate all this publicity over a simple thing. I don’t have to give any reasons,” she said to a reporter who asked why she wanted to adopt a baby. “It is just a fact and we will live wherever I happen to be working.”


In court she told the judge she would rear the child as her own and had already set aside a trust fund for it. She testified she was unmarried. All that could be learned about the baby was that it was “Boy Wilson.” The orphanage operates on a policy of declining to make public information on adoptions. Miss Hopkins came here from Hollywood yesterday.