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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Obituary

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics founder and sister of JFK, dies at 88


Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Sargent Shriver and his wife Eunice watch a satirical presentation on a day in the life of Shriver by the staff of the Office of Economic Opportunity in Washington in April 1968, upon his appointment as ambassador to France.


Shriver, the mother of Maria Shriver, advocated tirelessly for the mentally disabled. Her contributions to the disability rights movement have been called the greatest Kennedy legacy.


By Valerie J. Nelson and Elizabeth Mehren
Los Angeles Times
August 11, 2009


Eunice Kennedy Shriver, whose advocacy for the mentally disabled helped bring people with special needs into the mainstream of American life, has died. She was 88.


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