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Seward Street origin

Thursday, March 11th, 2010


Seward Street



 By Allan R. Ellenberger


Seward Street is located in the southern part of Hollywood in an area that once was called Colegrove. A fairly short street, it runs north and south and is situated half-way between Las Palmas Avenue and Cahuenga Blvd., beginning at Melrose Avenue and ending at Sunset Boulevard.


In 1878, Senator Cornelius Cole arrived in what was then called the Cahuenga Valley and purchased a 500-acre ranch. For many years the area that had been his ranch was known as Colegrove, which was the maiden name of his wife, Olive. Cole also named several of the surrounding streets after family members. One of those streets was named for his eldest son, Seward Cole (1856-1927). 


Seward Cole was born in Sacramento, California on March 13, 1856. He moved to Los Angeles in 1879 after several years in business in San Francisco. One of the pioneer realty dealers of Los Angeles, he was one of the first to see the possibilities of Hollywood and had a large part in its development. He was a senior member of the realty firm of Cole and Brown (his brother-in-law), at the time of his death.


On April 15, 1899, he married Eleanor Brydges, a member of an old Canadian family. He had two sons, Edward Brydges Cole and Neil Cole and two daughters, Cornelia Cole and Mrs. James Brodero.


Cole died on New Year’s Eve, 1927 and was buried in the Cole family plot at Hollywood Cemetery (now Hollywood Forever).