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The 1930 Census

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

“Celebrities in the 1930 Census”

by Allan R. EllenbergerĀ 


My latest book is called, “Celebrities in the 1930 Census,” published by McFarland. The concept of the book is simple — it lists the famous and where they lived on one specific day — April 1, 1930. It is a directory of renowned people from every walk of life. Every branch of the entertainment industry is covered, as are politicians, musicians, sports figures, astronauts, cult figures, criminals, religious leaders, pioneers in various fields, and anyone who achieved any degree of fame for any reason — they’re here. Of course, even with more that 2,200 individual listings, it’s impossible to include everyone. While browsing, you will probably find someone of interest who is missing.



Celebrities In The 1930 Census: Household Data of 2,265 U.S. Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Athletes, Writers, Politicians and Other Public Figures


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