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Walk of Fame Repairs…

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Cost of repairs for Hollywood’s buckling Walk of Fame trips up officials



They’ve figured out what to do but not how to come up with the $4.1 million needed to do it.


By Bob Pool
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 17, 2008


It took a year’s study and installation of a “test strip” on Hollywood’s busiest corner to figure out how best to stabilize the buckling bronze stars and pink-and-black terrazzo that line Hollywood’s aging Walk of Fame.


Now, officials of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are trying to determine just how to pay for the estimated $4.1-million repair job.


MTA officials said Wednesday that their agency will take the lead in lining up funding from Los Angeles, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Hollywood Historic Trust as well as other entities — including itself. (click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)