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L.A.’s First Subway…

Saturday, March 14th, 2009


The colorful saga of Los Angeles’ first subway tunnel


 Belmont Tunnel 

Paul Morse / Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Conservancy conducts a tour of the subway tunnel once used by the Red Cars that ran between downtown and Glendale Boulevard near 1st Street.


After rail service ended, the mile-long route was used as a storage site for survival rations and impounded vehicles, as a movie set and then as a giant graffiti canvas.


Steve Harvey
Only in L.A.
Los Angeles Times

What a strange ride it has been for L.A.’s first subway.


Shut down in 1955, the Belmont Tunnel went from being a commuter route for rail passengers between downtown and the Westlake district to a storage site for survival rations, a holding cell for impounded vehicles, a movie set and, unofficially, a giant graffiti canvas and field of study for urban explorers.


Along the way, the mile-long subterranean route acquired an aura of mystery.    (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)