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John Gilbert–Jim Tully feud

Sunday, October 9th, 2011


John Gilbert and Jim Tully bout stirs Los Angeles




Los Angeles Evening Herald
February 11, 1930


Hollywood today awaited the next flare-up in the John Gilbert-Jim Tully feud.


And while Hollywood awaited, details of a fist fight staged by the pair in a Hollywood restaurant several days ago was coming to light, indicated that Tully, redheaded author, had knocked the screen star down and had scored a decision over him in the presence of Gilbert’s wife, Ina Claire.


Gilbert, now vacationing at Palm Springs, refused to discuss the fight at length except to state tersely: “I don’t care to talk about it. I only did what any man would have done in the circumstances.”


Which was almost the same the same thing Tully said, but the author added: “I did what you’d do if a man came charging across a room at you. I simply got up and knocked him down.”


But “ringsiders” and friends recounted the “blow by blow” report of the fight. Tully, they said, was having a midnight lunch at a table with Miss May Cruze, sister of director James Cruze, and Nicholas Kelly.


Gilbert, Miss Claire and Sid Grauman entered the cafe.


Two years ago, Tully had written “unfriendly” words in a story of Gilbert’s life, appearing in a nationally known magazine, and bad feeling was known to exist between the two.


According to witnesses, Gilbert deposited his coat and then saw Tully seated at the table. With a shout, the romantic star, dashed across the room, it was said.


Tully arose and struck him in the face, flooring Gilbert. Then friends separated the pair, and Gilbert left in a few minutes, joined by his wife.



Jack Gilbert, screen star, may have been down as the result of one of author Jim Tully’s “roundhouse swings.” But he insists he never was “licked.”


Gilbert emerged from temporary seclusion at Palm Springs today to tell the world that his head, target of Tully’s punch in a Hollywood cafe last week, may have been bloody, but it’s still unbowed.


“I’m not saying what I’ll do the next time we meet,” Gilbert said. “If I should feel at that moment as I did the other night, there’ll be another fight. I hope to have better luck next time. I made a mistake rushing him. It put me at a disadvantage.”


Tully scoffed at Gilbert’s latest defy.


“He’s always at a disadvantage when he tackles me,” the author said. “I learned to fight where brickbats were daisies. If Gilbert had gone to that school he wouldn’t have survived to become a motion picture star.”


Tully siad he “was fond of Jack, but Gilbert had no sense of humor.”


Gilbert declined to predict when his next meeting with Tully would take place. He also denied he was “in training” at the Palm Springs resort, where he is vacationing with his wife, Ina Claire.


Ringside reports that Gilbert was the aggressor in the cafe fight were corroborated today by Miss May Cruze, sister of director James Cruze, who was with Tully and Nicholas Kelly when the fight started.


“Jack started it, all right,” Miss Cruze said. “He and Miss Claire and Sid Grauman came in and Jack started making passes at Jim. I think he missed four times. Then Jim hit him and he went down. Men stopped the fight, but Jack seemed willing to go on.”