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Paving on Sunset…

Saturday, April 18th, 2009


Sunset Boulevard gets a face-lift


Sunset Blvd paving


By Allan R. Ellenberger
April 18, 2009


FINALLY! The well-travelled strip of Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard — between La Brea and Highland — is getting a much needed repaving. For as many years as I can remember, this section of the boulevard, in the heart of Hollywood, has been a disaster.


For some reason, travelling on this two-city-blocks of roadway was like maneuvering through land-mines. Years of patching created un-even bumps and the pot holes were large enough to swallow a Volkswagen.


Hollywood High on Sunset


For those not familiar with this area, the one landmark here is Hollywood High School (above) at the corner of Sunset and Highland.


Even though I live one block from this section, I’ve always tried to avoid it — now I can drive freely though the traffic jams just like other Angelenos. However, be warned that Susent Boulevard will be closed between these two intersections most of the weekend. So, as Bette Davis always advised, “Take Fountain!”


Sunrise over Hollywood

Sunrise over Hollywood