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Hollywood Heritage Receives Eviction Notice…

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

L.A. orders Hollywood preservation group out of mansion



City says Hollywood Heritage ignored rules and rented out the Wattles Mansion for disruptive parties. The organization denies the events are a nuisance and says the eviction notice was a shock.

By Bob Pool
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer


NOTE: The following is from an Los Angeles Times article from September 20, 2008. A response from Hollywood Heritage follows on this blog and you can also check it out at their website,


Hollywood’s leading preservation group has been ordered out of the community’s most prominent historic estate for allegedly ignoring city rules and renting out the mansion for disruptive parties.


Hollywood Heritage has supervised the famed Wattles Mansion for 25 years under an exclusive agreement with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. The city purchased the mansion for about $2 million in 1968.   (click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)