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Southern California Wildfires

Posted by Allan Ellenberger on Aug 29th, 2009
Aug 29


Intense heat feeds fierce wildfires north of Hollywood


Wildfires north of Hollywood

 (Photo by Allan R. Ellenberger)


Fires in the La Cañada Flintridge area of Los Angeles north of Hollywood sends plumes of smoke into the air over the Griffith Observatory.


It is currently 100 degrees in Hollywood (3 pm) and at least ten degrees hotter in the areas to the north where wildfires are sending massive plumes of smoke into the sky.


Southern California wildfires

 (Photo by Allan R. Ellenberger)


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Laserium Returns to Hollywood

Posted by Allan Ellenberger on Jun 25th, 2009
Jun 25


Laserium finds a vintage Hollywood home



 (Ken Hively, Los Angeles Times)


The rocking light show is revived at the Vine Theatre after its long Griffith Observatory run ended in 2002.


By Chris Willman
Los Angeles Times
June 25, 2009


Marla Maples has what appears to be an extremely bright green mole on her cheek. Actually it’s just a benign laser beam, straying onto her features as she stands inside the lobby of Hollywood’s venerable Vine Theatre. Technicians are hurriedly turning the 1937 movie house into the new permanent home of Laserium, which is returning to Los Angeles beginning Friday after seven years of being officially unplugged.


Maples was never among the hundreds of thousands of people who took the laser light show in during its 1973 to 2002 run at the Griffith Observatory’s planetarium. She’s stopped by the Vine to discuss a program she’s spearheading that will kick one-fourth of group-ticket sales back to charities. But she’s well aware of Laserium’s former reputation as L.A.’s most infamous stoner rite of passage. “I promise there’ll be no smoking going on,” she laughs.


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