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Garbo’s Birthday…

Thursday, September 18th, 2008


Greta Garbo!



September 18, 1905 — April 19, 1990



Milton Berle’s Birthday…

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Milton Berle!





ne Milton Berlinger 


  • BORN: July 12, 1908, New York, New York
  • DIED: March 27, 2002, Los Angeles, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Colon cancer
  • FUNERAL & BURIAL: Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City




Happy Birthday Rudolph Valentino…

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008




Rudolph Valentino was born Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaelo Pierre Filibert di Valentina d’Antonguolla Guglielmi 113 years ago today, in Castellaneta, Italy. He was the son of French-born, Marie Berthe Gabrielle Barbin (1856-1919), and Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Fidele Guglielmi (1853-1906), a veterinarian. He had an older brother, Alberto (1892-1981), a younger sister, Maria, and an older sister Beatrice who died in infancy.


Below are photographs from my personal collection of tributes to the actor in his home town of Castellaneta, Italy. Click on image to enlarge.




A bust of Valentino sits next to a juke box
in a Castellaneta bar. At the base of the bust
there is a laurel branch. (© Allan R. Ellenberger)



A young fan kisses a statue of Valentino that once
stood in his birthplace. (© Allan R. Ellenberger)


Monument dedicated to Rudolph Valentino
in Castellaneta in 1961 (© Allan R. Ellenberger)




William Bakewell’s Birthday…

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

William Bakewell!


William Bakewell (right) with Ramon
Novarro in Daybreak (1930)




  • BORN: May 2, 1908, Los Angeles, California
  • DIED: April 15, 1993, Los Angeles, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Leukemia
  • BURIAL: Cremated, ashes given to family



Eve Arden’s Birthday…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Eve Arden!




  • BORN: April 30, 1908, Mill Valley, California
  • DIED: November 12, 1990, Los Angeles, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Cardiac arrest
  • BURIAL: Westwood Village Memorial Park, Section D, Lot 81



“Veda’s convinced me that alligators have the right idea: They eat their young.” — Eve Arden, as Ida Corwin, in Mildred Pierce (1945)



Carl Laemmle, Jr.’s Birthday

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Carl Laemmle, Jr.!


From the Allan Ellenberger Collection



  • BORN: April 28, 1908, Chicago, Illinois
  • DIED: September 24, 1979, Beverly Hills, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Stroke
  • BURIAL: Home of Peace Cemetery, Chapel Mausoleum


Garve of Carl Laemmle Jr. at Home of Peace Cemetery

  • SON of Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios
  • DIED 40 years to-the-day after his father
  • PRODUCER of such horror classics as Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931),

The Mummy (1932) and The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)


Edward R. Murrow’s Birthday…

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Edward R. Murrow!


Edward R. Murrow



  • BORN: April 25, 1908, Polecat Creek, North Carolina

  • DIED: April 27, 1965, Pawling, New York

  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Lung cancer

  • BURIAL: Cremated and scattered at Glen Arden farm New York

Edward R. Murrow was a journalist and media figure. He first came to prominence with a series of radio news broadcasts during World War II, which were followed by millions of listeners in the United States and Canada. Mainstream historians consider him among journalism’s greatest figures; Murrow hired a top-flight cadre of war correspondents and was noted for honesty and integrity in delivering the news. A pioneer of television news broadcasting, Murrow produced a series of TV news reports including See It Now (1951-1958) and Person to Person (1953-1959).

“Good night and good luck”


Marceline Day’s Birthday…

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Marceline Day!




  • BORN: April 24, 1908, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • DIED: February 16, 2000, Cathedral City, California

  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Natural causes

  • BURIAL: Cremated, ashes given to family

  • SISTER of actress Alice Day

  • MARRIAGES to Arthur J. Klein and John Arthur

  • A WAMPAS Baby Star in 1926

  • APPEARED opposite such major stars as Buster Keaton,

  • John Barrymore, Ramon Novarro, and Stan Laurel.

  • RETIRED from films in 1933



Lionel Hampton’s Birthday

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Lionel Hampton!


Lionel Hampton

BORN: April 20, 1908, Louisville, Kentucky
DIED: August 31, 2002, New York City, New York


Lita Grey Chaplin’s Birthday

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday

Lita Grey Chaplin



 BORN: April 15, 1908, Hollywood, California
DIED: December 29, 1995, Los Angeles, California


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