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Angelica Huston Gets Star

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010


Anjelica Huston honored on Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’


Anjelica Huston receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California. Credit : Ref.: infusla-64


Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston was immortalized on the streets of Hollywood on Friday as she became the latest celebrity to have a star laid in her honor on the district’s “Walk of Fame.”


The veteran actress, whose films include “Prizzi’s Honor” and “The Royal Tenenbaums,” follows in the footsteps of her father John Huston, the legendary director who also has a star inset on Hollywood Boulevard.


A crowd of family, friends and celebrity well-wishers joined Huston Friday for the presentation of her star, the 2,398th on the Walk of Fame.


“The beauty of this award is that it’s as permanent as anything in life these days,” Huston said. “It can’t be misplaced or left in the ladies room by accident and I always get the same billing.


“From here on, I’ll always know where to find myself and so will other people. Now I don’t have to join Facebook, because when someone wants to find me, this is where I’ll be and I’ll always be here.”



Obit…Robert Graham

Sunday, December 28th, 2008


Robert Graham, L.A. sculptor, dies at 70


 Robert Graham and Angelica Huston

 Robert Graham and Angelica Huston


The artist designed major civic monuments throughout the country. His legacy is visible all over L.A.


By Suzanne Muchnic and Cara Mia DiMassa
Los Angeles Times
December 28, 2008


Robert Graham, a Los Angeles sculptor with a towering public presence who designed major civic monuments across the nation, died Saturday at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, his friend Roy Doumani said. Graham, who had been ill for about six months, was 70.    (Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for more)



Ex-Wife of Actor Danny Huston Kills Herself…

Monday, October 27th, 2008


Danny Huston’s Wife Commits Suicide


Danny Huston and his wife, Katie Jane Evans


Atlanta, GA 10/27/2008


The ex-wife of actor Danny Huston reportedly committed suicide by jumping from a California rooftop earlier this month. The Daily Mail reports that 35-year-old model Katie Jane Evans was struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and wasn’t coping well after her divorce from Huston.


Sources say Evans “couldn’t get over the fact the marriage had failed.” She was allegedly taking anti-depressants and had done several stints in rehab.


Huston and Evans were married in 2002 and had daughter Stella in 2003. They were divorced in 2007.


The insider says that Huston, the son of director John Huston and half-brother of actress Anjelica Huston, is “devastated” over Evans’ death. “Everyone is devastated. No one, including Danny, can come to terms with what has happened. When Anjelica was told she just collapsed in tears,” the source says.


The 46-year-old actor stars alongside Kirsten Dunst, Megan Fox, Simon Pegg and Jeff Bridges in the new comedy How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.


Huston stars in the TV mini-series John Adams and has had roles in many films including The Kingdom, 30 Days of Night, Children of Men and The Number 23.