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Nelson Eddy voices his opinion

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


Cinema actresses found boring by Nelson Eddy




Edited by Allan R. Ellenberger


In 1936, singer and actor, Nelson Eddy made the list of most eligible bachelors along with Woolworth Donahue, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, Dick Powell and Gene Raymond. Before leaving Hollywood on a four-month concert tour, Eddy told columnist Sheilah Graham that he hated film actresses!


“They are egotistical, insincere, self-centered, and look like animated paint-boxes (ouch),” he told Graham. Don’t worry; he also voiced his condemnation of Hollywood male actors, Hollywood parties and Hollywood itself.


“The whole place is like a madhouse,” he declared before slipping back to the original subject. “Most film actresses are incredibly boring. I haven’t met one that I’d even vaguely like to marry.


“But it isn’t entirely their fault,” he added. “Movie actresses are forced to lead an unnatural life. When they come to Hollywood their personalities are changed. They must be selfish and ruthless, or they won’t get beyond their first featured role.


“It’s the same with the male stars. In all my life I’ve never seen such a bunch of conceited men as there are here – with the possible exception of those working in opera. But, again, it isn’t altogether their fault. Some of them are forced to adopt an attitude that is purposely misleading.


“Take Ronald Colman, for instance. Several people here think he is high-hat and stand-offish. In actual fact, there couldn’t be anyone nicer. But he is forced to keep aloof or he’d be imposed on by celebrity hunters, and pestered to death by nuisances, ranging from maniacs to insurance salesmen, and lady reporters,” he said smiling at Graham.


“I have to change my telephone number at least once a week – to avoid film people inviting me to their parties. Hollywood parties are very boring. Nearly all follow the same dull pattern. When eight or more people are present, a horde of photographers are invited to crash the gates and take pictures of everyone in every conceivable place and position – not omitting the shower.


“Of course, there are exceptions. A few film people, like Jeanette MacDonald and Basil Rathbone give parties because they want to see their friends, not because they have a mad desire to see their names and pictures in the papers.”


Eddy told Graham that he wasn’t going to marry for quite a while – unless he fell in love, which he said wouldn’t happen for some time (Eddy married Ann Franklin three years later).


SOURCE: Los Angeles Times, January 10, 1936