Missing Hollywoodland plaques finally reported stolen


Theft of historic ‘Hollywoodland’ signs is finally under investigation


Two plaques were pried off the stone gateway to the residential neighborhood below the Hollywood sign in April. The bronze markers said “Hollywoodland Est. 1923.” (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times) 


Residents tried to report the plaques missing in April, but police are only now launching an investigation. Why? The signs were city property, and the city hadn’t filed a formal crime report.


By Bob Pool
Los Angeles Times
June 4, 2011


Six weeks after two historic plaques were stolen from the entrance to one of Hollywood’s most famous neighborhoods, Los Angeles police are launching an investigation.


The delay was because no one had yet filed a formal crime report about the missing bronze “Hollywoodland Est. 1923” markers, which were pried from the stone gateway to the historic residential area beneath the Hollywood sign.


Residents say they attempted to file a theft report on April 16 after they noticed the plaques’ disappearance but were not allowed to because the markers are considered Los Angeles city property.


No one from the city filed a report, either.






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  1. Landman says:

    This is so typical of Cities around America. They could care less about Historical values. City officials love to tear down historic buildings, make parking lots out of historic land, and generally love to spit in History’s Face! Now they are 6 weeks behind to catch the thugs who took this treasure. With out a doubt, they could care less. However, if this would have been a Policemen or Firemen Marker, they would have set up a “Dragnet” 6 WEEKS AGO!!!!

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