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Sardi’s Restaurant – Then & Now

Posted by Allan Ellenberger on Nov 22nd, 2009
Nov 22






6313 Hollywood Boulevard


Sardi’s restaurant opened in 1932 and was the sister of New York’s Sardi’s and was designed by the world-renowned architect Rudolph Schindler in International style with metal and glass. This was a favorite restaurant of many stars including Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalier, Wallace Beery, Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford. Below is it’s current incarnation.







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  1. Harry Martin Says:

    I’ve seen that in the Then and Now book and try to decipher what is left of the old exterior. It looks almost as if they lopped off the facade/story at the top

  2. landman Says:

    Even though Sardi’s is long gone, the building is still standing. Allan, do you know anything about what happened to the furnishings from Sardi’s? I also wonder if there is any trace of Sardi’s left inside this “mess” now. I love your “Hollywood then and now”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What’s left of the building. I wouldnt know what happened to the furnishings and if there is anything left its hidden behind years of revovations. Thanks.

  3. bette davis Says:

    that’s hot! no wonder joan of crawford loved it :)~

  4. D.R Says:

    I have a Drawing from Sardis wall of an actor. 1937. It may be for sale.

  5. Jolene Says:

    I have a post card from Sardi’s with a signature on the back but the only thing I can figure out is that It is possibly Frank for the first name Bee_ _ _ _ for the last name. I was curious if maybe it could be the owners signature. I don’t know any thing about the ownership of Sardi’s.

  6. Lynn Says:

    September 5, 2015
    I have a post card from Sardi’s with Marsha Hunt’s signature addressed to my step-father Bob. I have a total of (5) post cards(original) of the “Hollywood Canteen” with original signatures, I am doing research on the many star signatures; one of the signatures is Elizabeth Taylor. I would like to sell the post cards to the right collector. Interested, email.

  7. Bernie Brown Says:

    Does anyone know when Sardi’s Hollywood closed? Thank you.

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