Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service


The 82nd Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service


Valentino's grave marker


By Allan R. Ellenberger


Today the fans of Rudolph Valentino arrived in the heat and humidity to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the actors 82nd annual memorial service. The Memorial Committee once again surpassed their previous efforts in providing a dignified and entertaining celebration of the life of silent film actor, Rudolph Valentino.


Cathedral Mausoleum


Fans enter the Cathedral Mausoleum (above) to attend the the 82nd Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service.



Cathedral Mausoleum foyer


The foyer of the Cathedral Mausoleum where fans gathered to begin today’s service.



Channell O Farrill


Chanell O Farrill welcomes everyone on behalf of Hollywood Forever Cemetery.



Tracy Ryan Terhune


Valentino author and emcee, Tracy Ryan Terhune gave the opening remarks and introduced each of today’s speakers. The first speaker for the day, Jeanine Villalobos, the great-granddaughter of Rudy’s brother, Alberto, was delayed by that-infamous Los Angeles traffic, but the show must go on so a Valentino video based on the upcoming photo book by Valentino authority, Donna Hill, was premiered.



Garrett Bryant


 Actor Garrett Brant gave a reading of three selected poems from Valentino’s book of poetry, Daydreams.




The late Bob Mitchell in a photo from last years service.


There was a moving tribute to organist Bob Mitchell as a recording of Mitchell’s organ music played. Mitchell, who played the organ at many former Valentino services, passed away on July 4th and is also interred at Hollywood Forever.



Tracy Terhune and Vince Morton


Tracy Terhune presents an award for the late Bob Mitchell to his partner and friend, Vince Morton (above), who also perfomed the music for today’s service.



Jeanine Villalobos


Jeanine Villalobos (above), the great-granddaughter of Alberto Guglielmi Valentino, spoke about her uncle’s funeral and read from archival letters of Alberto to his wife Ada. Ms Villalobos also commended the memorial committee for conducting the services, both past and present, with respect and decorum.



Craig MacPherson


Craig MacPherson (above) shared his thoughts on the influence of Natacha Rambova in the life of Valentino. The 2009 Valentino Memorial Video showing the relationship of Valentino and Rambova was premiered to the song, “If I Love Again.”



 Christopher Riordan


Christopher Riordan (above), manager of Falcon Lair, shared his memories and the current and future of Valentino’s former home. Singer Ian Whitcomb entertained the audience with the songs, “My Buddy” and the perennial, “The Sheik Of Araby.” Valentino Memorial Committee member, Stella Grace, then led the audience in repeating the 23rd Psalm.



Marvin Page, Stella Grace, Chanell O Farrill and Tracy Terhune


The Valentino Memorial Committee: Marvin Page, Stella Grace, Chanell O Farrill and Tracy Ryan Terhune (missing is Jay Boileau).



Mike Francis, Kari Bible, Allison Francis


Celebrating the life of Rudolph Valentino are Michael Francis, Kari Bible, the Lady in Black and Allison Francis.



Flowers at the crypt of Rudolph Valentino


 Flowers surround the crypt of Rudolph Valentino.



Valentino memorabilia


The mysterious Sue Guldin reads a newspaper account of Valentino’s death.



Valentino memorabilia


Valentino memorabilia on display provided by Marvin Page.



Stella Grace and Tracy Terhune


Valentino authorities and memorial committee members, Stella Grace and Tracy Ryan Terhune (above). Stella, Tracy and the rest of the committee worked hard to produce a service that was respectful and entertaining. They should be congratulated. We look forward to next year.


Photos by Allan R. Ellenberger



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11 Responses to “Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service”

  1. Lisa Burks says:

    Wonderful wrap up of an awesome day! Thanks, Allan and thanks to Tracy and everyone who put so much love and work into today’s festivities. 🙂 xoxo

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks Allan that was wonderful, sorry I missed it.

  3. Jami says:

    I was able to attend today (my first time) and must say that it was wonderful. I had also left the red rose in the vase on his crypt before the service. Much appreciation to those who worked hard on the memorial. 🙂

  4. Harry Martin says:

    Thanks Allan! Every year I look forward to your wrapup of the event!

  5. Danny Fortune says:

    That was a good choice of pictures on the dais. It really served to “channel” Rudy. Thanks for all the pictures, Allan.

  6. Landman says:

    Thank you Allan for another great report. The pictures were excellent! A devoted fan of your blog.

  7. Melissa says:

    As it was virtually impossible for me to attend this year —and it’s the first one I’ve missed since 1994—I SO appreciate your wonderful coverage of the VMS. Even more so than usual, which is *a lot* !!
    We missed you Melissa.

  8. M+V BACK says:

    Beautiful job, Allan. Much appreciated by those of us who could not attend this year.
    Thank you. Hopefully you can attend next year. — Allan

  9. Hetty says:

    What a spectacular Memorial Service this year!
    And what a spectacular review of photos and captions you have given us this year, Thanks so,so much, Allan!

    Allan, I understand the Falcon Lair stables, which were
    converted into a recording studio as well as a living space, for her then lover, a younger jazz musician, by the then owner, Doris Duke, is currently up for sale for three million dollars. Did Christopher Riordan, the manager, mention this? Could you tell us Allan, just what are the future plans for Falcon Lair? This lot remains empty as I write!

    Your review leaves me with so many questions, hope you will answer some as the weeks progress!

    Thanks again, for giving us this fantastic review in pictures and captions.

    A. — Hi Hetty. No, Mr. Riordan did not mention the stables. From what I remember, at some point the house will be rebuilt. All the rooms are apparently in storage to be put back in the house. If anyone else has more information they can comment please. Thanks. — Allan

  10. Hetty says:


    I would especially like to thank The Valentino Memorial
    Committee—Marvin, Stella, Chanell, Tracy and Jay–
    for the great job they are doing in keeping Rudy’ s annual
    Memorial a first class, top draw service. We Rudy devotee’s do appreciate all their time and effort.

    So thanks guys for all your work on Rudy’s behalf….we love you all!

    The flowers were tops–wonderfully colorful!


  11. Hetty says:

    Hi Allan.

    This is great news about the Falcon Lair main house being ” perhaps” rebuilt. Let’s hope!

    The stable building is a separate building that still stands. It was converted into a charming, split level type house with a glass windowed front…. and sold separately from the main house.

    It is now up for sale. A friend of mine said there is a video that is being used to sell it and that there was an open house a few weeks ago.

    I can recall reading that the main building stood on a few acres, and that Rudy bought eight more acres….so there were about ten acres in all to his property.

    What I find “touching” is that the retaining surrounding wall, remains untouched. Lou Mahoney sure did pick a good engineering firm to do the work. And Lou said it cost $100,000 to erect, and that Ullman objected and wanted a cheaper solution…but Rudy held his own, and the wall was built.

    Pola Negri said she loaned Rudy $15,000.00, in a promissary note, so he could get this retaining wall built, and therefore prevent the main house from sliding down the hill iin the next big rainstorm.

    Lou mentioned this in his taped memoir, which he recorded in the 60’s, or maybe the 70’s , so I guess he was adding what the US dollar was worth by then.

    In any case, it is a testament, to me, at any rate, at how good a “handyman” Lou was to Rudy. Lou may have been the only man he trusted, besides his brother, Alberto.


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