Rosemary DeCamp’s 100th Birthday


Rosemary DeCamp







  • BORN: November 14, 1910, Prescott, Arizona
  • DIED: February 20, 2001, Torrance, California
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Complications of pneumonia
  • BURIAL: Ashes given to family or friends



Click below to watch Rosemary DeCamp and William Powell in a scene from Treasure of Lost Canyon








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  1. jacktf says:

    Rosemary DeCamp was one of my favorite actresses when I was a little kid, and I best remember her from reruns of the early TV series, The Life of Riley, with William Bendix. Rosemary was one of the many talented character actresses and actors who added so much to the classic eras of film and television. Thank you, Allan, for bringing back some more wonderful sentimental memories.

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