Robert Ryan’s 100th Birthday


Robert Ryan


Robert Ryan




  • BORN: November 11, 1909, Chicago, Illinois
  • DIED: July 11, 1973, New York, New York
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Lung cancer
  • BURIAL: Cremated, ashes scattered




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  1. Robert Kawasaki says:

    Robert Ryan is long gone, but not forgotten. He was certainly one of the best actors of his time, and surely was most intelligent artist. He exceled in films with important social messages and artistic values. He was unfortunate because in his life time most of his valuable films failed to receive substantial critical notes. However, now, many of his films are considered as masterpieces or near classics. Such films includes, THE WOMAN ON THE BEACH, CROSSFIRE, ACT OF VIOLENCE, CAUGHT, THE SET-UP, ON DANGEROUS GROUND, CLASH BY NIGHT, THE NAKED SPUR, INFERNO, ABOUT MRS. LESLIE, BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK, HOUSE OF BAMBOO, MEN IN WAR, GOD’S LITTLE ACRE, DAY OF THE OUTLAW, ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW, BILLY BUDD, THE WILD BUNCH, AND HOPE TO DIE, and THE ICEMAN COMETH. Happy birthday dear Big Bob, and thank you so much for your wonderful performances in those wonderful films.

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