Republic Pictures 75th


Republic Pictures 75th anniversary celebration



The 75th anniversary of Republic Pictures was celebrated today on the studios old lot, now the CBS Studio Center. The historic lot, which opened in 1928 as Mack Sennett Studios, was Republic Pictures from 1935, when Mascot Pictures, Monogram Pictures and Consolidated Film Industries merged, until 1959. In 1962 CBS moved in and finally bought the lot in 1967.


Following are some photos from todays event:





 Gene Autry, John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans welcomed visitors to the screenings






 The memorabilia room


 Tracy Terhune, the grandson of character actor Max Terhune, brought memorabilia from his grandfathers career.








Part of the “back lot”






3 Responses to “Republic Pictures 75th”

  1. Melissa says:

    Splendid coverage, this looks like so much fun! Especially love the pix of Tracy.
    Thanks Melissa. I took other photos but saving them for a future story on the lot itself.

  2. landman says:

    Great Coverage Allan!!!!!!!!!! Your photo’s are superb. Love the “part of the back lot” photo. The house in the back round looks familiar, please clue me. You are the best Allan, keep up the high standards of your blog.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Alfred "Ed Moch" Cota says:

    It was a grand event being there and being a part of it. As a SAG actor-performer (and Rancho Descendant) myself, I enjoyed meeting everyone and helping to preserve this historic event.

    Best Regards;

    Alfred “Ed Moch” Cota

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