Old Chaplin Studios get a drenching


Car accident at old Chaplin Studios (now Henson) creates huge waterspout


(PHOTOS: Allan R. Ellenberger


By Allan R. Ellenberger
March 20, 2010


Today, around 2 p.m. Hollywood time, a two car accident in front of the old Chaplin Studios (now Jim Henson Studios), sheared off a fire hydrant sending a massive spray of water more than 100 feet into the air above the studio.



Above is one of the cars that landed across La Brea at De Longpre Avenue in front of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Students from the school were out with film cameras documenting the accident.




Firemen arrive to fix the broken hydrant. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt and it seems that only shaken nerves were at risk.



Fireman attempt to turn off the water spout but it takes nearly 30 minutes to bring it under control.



Finally the spout begins to diminish and within minutes it is just a trickle. The water spout was located in front of what used to be Charlie Chaplins personal office.



Just a half-block north on La Brea, traffic is bumper-to-bumper and pedestrians are on the street taking photos and just trying to maneuver through the streets.




Just a few more turns…



… and everything is back to normal. At the left you can see the car that snapped off the hydrant and its alleged owner, covered by a towel, looks through the trunks contents. The drivers side window was broken out so water filled the inside of the car.


Thanks again to the LAFD and LAPD



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4 Responses to “Old Chaplin Studios get a drenching”

  1. d.w. says:

    great reporting! Thanks! I hope Kermit is ok.
    I think so, he likes the water anyway 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing images of your Los Angeles Fire Department in action.

    We’re pleased to say there were no serious injuries.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department
    Thanks Brian thats good to hear.

  3. Landman says:

    I will bet that Charlie Chaplin was looking down laughing at the chaos thinking, Hey, that would be a good Model T scene.

  4. I was there when it happened. Me and my girlfriend were doing the urban race and if we would have been 5 second ahead of where we were the car that ran over the fire hydrant would have hit us. It was such a strange feeling to know we came that close to death.

    We ran through the water to check on the guy that hit the hydrant and we were amazed that he didnt have a mark on him aside from a small scratch on his face. He also hit a street sign that went flying through the air.

    The other amazing thing is that street was packed with people walking down the sidewalk and where he wreck was the only place where their were no people walking. A lucky day indeed.

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