New Hollywood & Vine Project


Big building project planned around Capitol Records Tower



A computer rendering shows the proposed development around the Capitol Records Tower on Vine Street in Hollywood. Buildings on the 4.5-acre site would be situated to preserve views of the tower. (Handel Architects / May 14, 2011)


Owners of the tower are seeking approval for Millennium Hollywood, a 1-million-square-foot project including two skyscrapers that would be mostly residential but would also have a hotel, offices, restaurants and stores.


By Roger Vincent
Los Angeles Times
May 13, 2011


After going mostly on hiatus during the economic downturn, Hollywood is poised to debut a major development project around the famed Capitol Records Tower near Hollywood and Vine.


The owners of the Capitol Records building on Vine Street are seeking approval to build 1 million square feet of structures, including two skyscrapers, surrounding the famous cylindrical office tower resembling a stack of record discs. The mixed-use complex could be valued at as much as $1 billion.


The Millennium Hollywood project, proposed by developers Millennium Partners and Argent Ventures, would be primarily residential but also have a hotel, offices, restaurants and stores. It would be built on the Capitol Records parking lot and another parking lot across Vine Street.


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2 Responses to “New Hollywood & Vine Project”

  1. meghan says:

    Does ANYONE care about TWO 48 story skyscarpers obstructing views FROM the Hills and OF The Hills? Does anyone realize this developer is trying to get around height restriction law and if they get away with it we may be looking at a future of skyscrapers instead of the Historic Hollywood Hills, as others will follow? Does anyone know they are tryng to change a zoning law to enable them to build this massive thing on designated property that is too small for it? Does anyone care we will not be able to get up and down Vine, now, due to congestion ? Hollywood preservationists,residents and homeowners better take action before this goes through and is too late. Politicos dont care.. The value of our communities and OUR HOMES are at stake as Hollywood is being sold off to the highest bidders and Garcetti does not even return e-mails or phone calls about this monster project. HE DOES NOT LIVE HERE!

  2. Jerell says:

    I support this… who cares about the hills?? there are hills all over Los Angeles. I’d rather have development than no development at all just because your selfish self wanted to preserve a view. Traffic?? well more reason to switch to transit then, get the hell out of your car, stop being lazy and WALK… get your daily exercise done. more transit rail lines will be in demand because people will not want to drive in traffic anymore, but ride trains, which don’t get stuck in traffic. There’s nothing wrong with tall buildings… you preserve room and are actually not wasting space above buildings, like how short buildings do, waste of space that could be used above. Los Angeles has a long history of messing up, look what happened to our city because of our past love for the car and suburbia destroyed this “city”.. smog, traffic, dead streets with no life by night fall. NYC, Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Paris and others seem to get it right.. Pedestrian friendly, full of transit, cars are less priority, very walkable, less polluted. I think it’s time Los Angeles leave the automobile and suburban sprawl and transition to higher density, and mass transit.
    Yes people will move out because they don’t like higher density, but whatever.. in time you will be replaced by people who do love the tall urban density… This is Los Angeles, the big city, you don’t like higher density then move to the central valley or San Bernardino county. Urbanites will easily replace you in time, nobody is asking you to stay.

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