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Miriam Hopkins


Miriam Hopkins


As most of you know, I am currently working on a biography of Miriam Hopkins. I was recently interviewed by Andre Soares from the web site, Alternative Film Guide about the controversial actress. Click HERE to read PART ONE of the interview – and HERE for PART TWO. Let us know your thoughts. Enjoy!



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2 Responses to “Miriam Hopkins Biography…”

  1. Colleen says:


    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview, seeing photos I’d never seen, and learning a thing or two about Miriam Hopkins I didn’t know (blacklisted!).

    What this has given me is perspective on her work, compared to that of other actors. I admire how you have accounted for, and distinguished between, the way Miriam was treated or viewed by actors, studio heads and directors.

    I couldn’t help but notice the wrong date of Miriam’s birth was inserted by the editor — not intended as any criticism, just couldn’t let it go unfixed!

    My personal favourites of Miriam’s performances are in These Three, Trouble in Paradise and the offbeat Men Are Not Gods (I was mesmerized and hooked by her performance in the latter).

    Please keep up the good work. Your website is a delight. Before the Internet, I used to head straight to the index of every movie book in the bookstore – this is much faster and easier, and more fruitful!

  2. w.k. mccauley says:

    Interesting and informative as always, Allan. I am so looking forward to the book.

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