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Mary Wickes 100th Birthday

Posted by Allan Ellenberger on Jun 13th, 2010
Jun 13


Mary Wickes








Click below to watch Mary Wickes in The Decorator, an unaired 1965 pilot starring Bette Davis





4 Responses

  1. JackTF Says:

    Mary Wickes was one of the legion of character actresses and actors who helped make the movies of classic Hollywood great and sometimes made the “stars” of those flicks appear better than they actually were. I miss you, Mary, but Happy 100th Birthday! And, thank you, Allan, for reminding us of the great, near-great and sometimes not-so-great Hollywood personalities of long ago.

  2. landman Says:

    And who would ever forget Miss Cathcart on Dennis the Menace? Also the ballet scene in I love Lucy? Mary, you were a real Sweetheart! Have a great 100th Birthday, and you still have 1000’s of fans watching your work everyday.

  3. Alan Says:

    If any aspiring actor wants to know how to act just watch Mary in any of her films! This lady knew more about acting and re-acting than most of her major co-stars. I have a continuing collection of Mary’s memorabilia which has given me much pleasure over the years. I just love finding rare TV appearances and am now looking for her 1949 TV adaptation of “Mary Poppins”…. any help out there?????

  4. landman Says:

    Alan, I agree with you about Mary. She was an actor with a little something few actors have. I think her eyes and mouth could tell a whole story!!

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