Marilyn Monroe Memorial


The 47th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death


Marilyn Monroe


Today was the 47th anniversary of the death of actress Marilyn Monore. Each year a memorial is held at her grave at Westwood Memorial Park. Here are a few photos of todays memorial courtesy of Frank Keith.


Marilyn Monroe-memoral

 Marilyn’s crypt (Courtesy of Frank Keith)



 Memorial bench in front of Marilyn’s crypt (Courtesy of Frank Keith)



 Paramount’s A C Lyles with Marilyn fan (Courtesy of Frank Keith)



 Westwood chapel where Marilyn’s services were held (Courtesy of Frank Keith)



Memorial wreath (Courtesy of Frank Keith)


Footage of Marilyn Monroe’s funeral



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  1. Landman says:

    What a beautiful person on the outside and inside. I hope my Dear, you are at peace at last, as your days on Earth were difficult to say the least. We will always love you. I hope you are playing your white piano and singing. God bless you Marilyn.

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