Marian Gibbons Obituary


Marian Gibbons; Hollywood preservationist and author, dies at 89



Marian Gibbons, Hollywood preservationist, actress, singer, author and a founder of Hollywood Heritage, passed away December 8 from lung cancer. She was 89.


Gibbons was born in1921 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and lived in Wisconsin and Arizona. She fell in love with Hollywood during a brief stay here in 1949 but her husband Jim’s business took them back to the Midwest.


Marian returned to Hollywood in the late 1970’s when she worked as a publicist with her daughter, Jane, an anchor for KNBC. Hollywood’s run-down appearance at the time inspired her, along with Christy Johnson McAvoy, Frances Offenhauser McKeal, Mildred Heredeen and Susan Peterson St. Francis to start Hollywood Heritage, Inc. Through the inspiration and hard work of these founders, Hollywood Heritage became the success story it is today.


A memorial is planned and more information will be released as soon as it is available. She will be interred at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.



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2 Responses to “Marian Gibbons Obituary”

  1. Marla Fisher says:

    I knew Marian Gobbons for only a breif time. In that time I grew to love her dearly. She was a very strong and lovely woman. She leaves a amazing legacy for us to enjoy always. She will be missed. Thankyou Marian for all you did to make this world a better place.

  2. Donna Floros says:

    Marian Gibbons will live forever in Hollywood, She would not accept being told “no” and she beat city hall. She met Albert Einstein, and had an endless amount of fascinating stories to share, and she did. Hooray for Hollywood is a book I enjoyed reading, She had more courage, belief and tenacity than anyone I have ever known. She never stopped giving of her time, support, and love for others. She personally inspired me to never give up on my dreams. ” Go.Go,Go” words I will never forget. She touched,moved and inspired so many people, including me. She changed my life and she will live on in my heart and soul. I will continue doing great things in the world, as she did. Thank you Marian for always being my mentor, hero and best friend. You will be missed but never forgotten!

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