Margaret O’Brien: A Career Chronicle and Biography

 Forewords by Robert Young and Margaret O’Brien


  McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers (2000) 

Winner, 2000 Bronze Halo Award—Southern California Motion Picture Council

Among Hollywood’s child stars are some talented children, normal and pleasant who find fame in film. Margaret O’Brien is one; her career began in 1941. The fresh-faced moppet quickly became a sensation and won the 1944 Academy Award for Outstanding Child Actress. As Adele in Jane Eyre (1944) and Beth in Little Women (1949), Margaret endeared herself to millions. Despite the strain of growing up on screen, O’Brien continues to perform today.

This reference work details O’Brien’s remarkable and varied career on stage, screen, and television: it includes a biography and a complete listing of all her film, radio, stage, and television appearances, as well as references to her in magazines and newspapers. Each entry includes complete production information, as well as reviews and behind-the-scenes commentary. Included are forewords by Robert Young and O’Brien herself, who provided much of the information in this book. Dozens of photos, including many from O’Brien’s personal collection, illustrate the text and show the varied stages of a career that includes both famous roles and famous friendships.


  • “liberally sprinkled with black-and-white photographs” — Reference Reviews
  • “the detailed entries on each production provide complete cast and technical credits” — Classic Images
  • “a complete career chronology… [will] keep her fans enraptured” — Film Review

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4 Responses to “Margaret O’Brien: A Career Chronicle and Biography”

  1. Anne says:

    I have the book you write on Margaret O’Brien, it is most interesting and certainly enjoyable reading . Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  2. Allan Ellenberger says:

    Hi Anne. You’re welcome. Glad you enjoy it.

  3. I’m writing a book about film adaptations of Mark Twain’s works and am at present finishing a journal article about the musical HUCKLEBERRY FINN film MGM tried to make during the early 1950s. Ms O’Brien signed to appear in that film, but I’ve not been able to find any details about the extent of her actual involvement or even which role she was to play (I’m pretty certain which it was, but I haven’t been able to confirm my theory.)

    Can you tell me anything about Ms O’Brien’s involvement in that project? I just got your book about her today but couldn’t find even a hint about the film.

    I’ll appreciate any help you can provide.

  4. Allan Ellenberger says:

    I’m sorry, she never mentioned being signed for that film to me. It was probably something that was on the calendar one day and gone the next.

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