Lillian Roth’s 100th Birthday


Lillian Roth











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  1. Dennis Lee Cleven says:

    Lillian Roth was absolutely marvelous! She was an asset in all the early sound films she appeared in and it is a shame that her career was cut short due to alcoholism. I’ve read her book, “I’ll Cry Tomorrow”, and it is excellent. I prefer to think of her in all the films she appeared in during that period of 1929-1933. She was not only a fine singer, but she was a very good actress, too.

  2. Danny Steward says:

    Thank you Allan for featuring Lillian Roth on her 100th. I first became aware of Ms. Roth in 1962, when she was featured as Elliott Gould’s mother in the Broadway musical I Can Get It for You Wholesale, though most of the reviews focused on a newcomer in the cast named Barbra Streisand. Her voice was so immediate I had to look up who she was and delighted to find out she was a huge star in the 1930’s.

    So Happy Birthday Lillian Roth, thanks for the memories.


    There is a second book written by her. “Beyond my worth” for those admirers who want to know what happened after “I’ll cry tomorrow”.
    I corresponded with her until she died and I must say she was a wonderful person. Never had another person answer my letters. She wrote them herself which says a lot for an artist of her category. I miss truly miss her!

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