Lennon’s Star Okay


John Lennon Walk of Fame Star not stolen



Several media outlets have reported that John Lennon’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star was stolen. A plastic seal was recently found covering Lennon’s star and created panic amongst the media and fans. The plastic was actually set up to cover the star, which was being relocated. Ana Martinez of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, also known as wofstargirl on Twitter, confirmed that Lennon’s star was not stolen, but moved so that all the Beatles will be together some day.


“Yes, as a gift to fans, we moved John Lennon’s star next to George Harrison’s and Ringo’s will be there soon 2,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Just waiting for Paul now!”


Lennon’s star has been moved next to George Harrison’s star, which is near the Capitol Tower, in hopes that someday all the Beatles individual stars will be all together. Ringo Starr’s Walk of Fame star, which will be dedicated at the 50th Anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 8, 2010, will mean that all of the Beatles – except for Paul McCartney – will have their own stars. McCartney’s star will also be located in that same area when his star is finally dedicated. But he hasn’t set up a date for a star ceremony, though he has been approached about it.


There are no plans to move the star for the Beatles as a group, which is located on Hollywood Blvd.

SOURCE:  RockStar Weekly



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  1. Marie Davis says:

    Dear Mr Ellenberger.
    I would love to talk to you about an article you wrote on the haunting of Hollywood. Especially that of Mr. Edward Gray, my sisters father. Our mother, Edwards wife, went to her deathbed believing that there was a cover-up, but not having the means to get to the truth. I was hoping you could share some information with me that I could pass on to my sister, Donna L. Bandurraga (Gray) Edwards only living survivor. Just a note, my mother knew Mr. and Mrs. Muni herself as they both had dined several times with them. I am hoping you have access to records I do not. Eagerly waiting your reply.

    Marie Davis

  2. Rosemary says:

    Allen, I love reading all your Hollywood pieces and am constantly amazed at all your knowledge and photos. I am thinking his star should remain where it was originally placed. It is history and, of course, part of the hunt to find the stars. Thanks for always sharing. I await your next treasure.
    Warmly, Rosemary

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