Lee J. Cobb’s 100th Birthday








 Click HERE to watch Lee J. Cobb in “12 Angry Men”




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  1. Scatter says:

    Tremendous actor with incredible range. While it’s a marvelous development that we can buy nearly any movie and pop it in at will these days, there’s something to be said for the old days of UHF and “The Late,Late Show” where actors like him still roamed the screen.

    Human nature is to gravitate toward and remain tied to that with which we are most familiar. If you love modern horror films, you can buy modern horror exclusively these days and never have to be subjected to anything outside your chosen niche. You can limit your exposure to a particular era, or genre, or performer without fear of ever running out of material, because there is so much material available for whatever film niche you inhabit.

    Had this been the case in the 70s when I was growing up, I would never have been exposed to such talents as Cobb. We didn’t have 500 channels, DVRs, DVDs ad infinitum……..we had 3 Networks, a TV Guide, and the glories of UHF.

    When I was able to watch TV, I had to watch WHAT WAS ON. I couldn’t turn up my nose at actors or genres or eras outside of my current interests because there simply wasn’t the recourse to other media available. And this was actually a Godsend….. the ultimate “less is more” situation.

    Had I not been forced by the narrow confines of available choices to watch ‘The ABC Movie Of The Week”, “The Million Dollar Movie”, “The Late, Late Show”, and the various B&W (GASP!) offerings on the local obscure UHF channels, I would never have been exposed to talents such as Cobb, or movies like “12 Angry Men”.

    So, here’s to rabbit ears and tin foil, test patterns and Iron Eyes Cody, and the limitations of choice that expanded my horizons and stretched my sensibilities to love that which I might have missed with all our modern options. Those really were the good old days in many ways.

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