Kitty Carlisle’s 100th Birthday


Kitty Carlisle









2 Responses to “Kitty Carlisle’s 100th Birthday”

  1. landman says:

    I once read in a book about W.C. Fields , that Kitty lived next door to W. C. and when she would sing arias, He would shout out the window and tell her to shut up! Allan, do you have any proof of this being a true story? I loved W.C. and am a big fan of his, and also a fan of Kitty. What talent they both had.
    Hi Landman, I’ve never heard the story myself but perhaps someone else has. Thank you.

  2. JackTF says:

    Regarding landman’s story about W. C. Fields and Kitty Carlisle: The version I now vaguely recall reading is that it was Deanna Durbin who for a time resided in a house right next door to W. C. and whose frequent vocalizations annoyed him to distraction and to his scornful retorts. Deanna Durbin was a talented singer and actress, and her movies are among my many favorites from Hollywood’s golden age – as are those with W. C. Fields.

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