Ken Maynard in the 1930 Census


Ken Maynard


Film actor

Ken in Tombstone Canyon (1932)





Afton Arms


Afton Arms Apartments 

6141 Afton Place

Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California



 Rent, $30


Census taken on April 3, 1930




  1. Ken Maynard (head), 32 / Texas / Actor / Motion pictures.
  2. Mary Maynard (wife), 30 / Indiana / None.


NOTE: This is a private residence. Please DO NOT disturb the occupants.



* Information includes relationship to head of household, age / place of birth (year of arrival in this country, if applicable) / occupation / industry.


The preceeding text is taken from my book, Celebrities in the 1930 Census (McFarland & Co., Inc., 2008). This directory provides an extensive listing of household information collected for over 2,265 famous or notorious individuals who were alive during the 1930 United States Census. Please note: The above photographs do not appear in the book.



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2 Responses to “Ken Maynard in the 1930 Census”

  1. I love the book, Allan. I often can’t put it down. I go to look up one person or another and find myself going over every page as I search. It’s like a great novel in the form of a directory. The phone book as high drama. Unique and fascinating. Thanks again!
    You’re welcome Steve and thank you. – Allan

  2. Jennifer Harris Martin says:

    Hi FYI–I lived at Afton Arms March 10,1968 –B-14— $90.00 a month. Thank you for the picture–it brought back memories of living in Hollywood in the late 60’s. I visited Valentino’s crypt every week, looking for the mystery lady that left flowers. I never saw her!

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