Joan Bennett’s 100th Birthday


Joan Bennett






Click below to watch Joan Bennett in a scene from “Scarlet Street” (1945) 






4 Responses to “Joan Bennett’s 100th Birthday”

  1. Theodore Sofianides says:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Bennet!

    My earliest memories of her is when she acted with Jonathan Frid on “Dark Shadows”. Who didn’t love that show?

    Theodore Sofianides

  2. Daniel Camargo says:

    Joan Bennet is a fave of mine, and two of her movies that came very dear to my mind todays is Fritz Lang’s Man Hunt (1941) and Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977).

  3. Rosemary says:

    Dark Shadows was my favorite. I remember running home from school to watch it. When the show started showing in color, we had to go to the neighbor’s house to watch it.

  4. Rena' Newcomb says:

    I’ve always adored Joan Bennett. I still watch her every night in Dark Shadows. I feel as if I knew her. She’s such an inspiration to me and to my 77 year old mother. We watch Dark Shadows with lights turned off and our lanterns lit. I so wish I could’ve met her. I hope it’s possible for me to visit her grave and bring flowers. May you rest in peace, Ms Joan Gearldine Bennett. I love you. Rena’ Newcomb.

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