Jimmy Bangley’s Birthday…

Happy Birthday

Jimmy Bangley!



Jimmy Bangley in front of the grave of his idol, Bette Davis 




BORN: July 11, 1956, Suffolk, Virginia

DIED: December 8, 2004, West Hollywood, California


My friend Jimmy Bangley would be 52 years-old today. Jimmy left us more than three years ago — much too early — and he is still missed. To celebrate here are some snap shots (Jimmy was never without a disposable camera) of Jimmy with a few of his celebrity friends who also cared about him.


 With Academy Award nominated actress, Sally Kirkland



 With Academy Award nominated actress, Linda Blair and friend


 With comedian Rip Taylor



 With actress Marsha Hunt who is holding an article that Jimmy

wrote on her for Classic Images



 With actor, Esai Morales and friends


 With silent-film actress, Anita Page



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21 Responses to “Jimmy Bangley’s Birthday…”

  1. w.k. mccauley says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Bangley. Thank you Allan for the pics and reminding about J.B.’s birthday.

  2. Carl Youngblood says:

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy! I think of you every day.

  3. happy birthday yew miserable bitch!! watch my latest screen spectacle and while you’re at it, tidge it up, darling!


  4. Terry S Larson says:

    Happy Birthday JIMMY!!
    Say Hi to Mz Davis for me. We miss you ALOT.

  5. Andre says:

    Great Jimmy pics. Thanks for posting those, Allan.

  6. blanche hudson says:

    how the hell did you get that photo of you and my horrid sister baby jane?
    bless you,
    blanche hudson
    ps – here is my damn interview for your birthday!

  7. barbra says:

    happy f**king, goddamned birthday, schmeckelah!!
    oy! i love you, fukkkahhhhhh!!
    yentl brolin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8JrJI1RLVI&feature=related

  8. Rosa Moline says:

    I’m the shot in the family! Many returns to yew!! Come ride with me on the choo-choo to Chi-ca-go!!
    The Future Mrs. Neil K. Latimore

  9. Great blog, but i couldnt understand where can i subscribe to your rss feed?

  10. Dee-bra says:

    JB – never to be forgotten.

    thanks AE for the photos…

  11. ann Randolph says:

    I miss you Jimmy. Happy Birthday. Still shakin my old titties!


  12. Victoria Bartelle says:

    Was thinking of our wonderful Mr. Bangley so much yesterday…..and remembering some of his birthday parties of the past. In my minds eye, I see Jimmy doing one of his dances entitled “The P.O.L” a.k.a “The Plate of Love” and this vision always brings as smile to my face. Happy B-day Jimmy!! You are greatly missed and dearly loved— still, and always!!
    Great pics, Allen. All the best to you.

  13. Max Pierce says:

    Thanks, Allan for posting. Jimmy will always be with us.

  14. Alexa Hunter says:

    Great of you to post photos Allan. Thank you! The two folks with Esai Morales are writer Shem Bitterman and his wife Cindy. Love, Alexa

  15. cari b says:

    Thanks dear Allan – and it strikes me that Jimmy would love knowing that his wonderful friends that he loved so much would stay in contact with each other – His friends are one of the great joys Jimmy brought to my life

  16. Christine Chapman says:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy. Not one day ever goes by i don’t think of you & the friendship & love you brought to all of us. We are the lucky ones to have had you grace our lives & you are so dearly missed. Thank you Allan for giving us this tribute to Jimmy & the photos.

  17. Michael Roman says:

    Thank you, Allan — beautiful photos of Jimmy (the Anita Page one just about killed me!) … On Jimmy’s last birthday, we laughed and carried on about the fact that he had finally outdrank, outpartied and outlived Judy Garland — she died at 47 and he had just turned 48. It was talking to him about fun and totally ridiculous stuff like this that I think I miss the most. He would’ve loved all the great comments above — especially the ones from Tallulah, Barbra, Rosa Moline and Blanche Hudson! … I love you, Jimmy. Happy Birthday, dear friend 🙂

  18. Rock Armstrong says:

    Dear Jimmy: When you walked into the room, it came alive. You brought everyone who ever met you such happiness. You are a legend. To July 11, 1956 from your buddy Rock, born July 10, 1954. Cancers rule!

  19. Allison Berntsen says:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy. I had a vodka and cranberry drink in honor of you.

    I miss you so much!!!

    Thanks Allan. Luv you!!!!

  20. Tracy says:

    Thanks Allan for the wonderful photos and for letting us know it was his birthday. I had a meeting recently at Hollywood Forever in regards to planning this years Valentino Memorial. I brought up Jimmy’s name – on how I miss him and his wicked sense of humor he brought to the event. I agree, its wonderful that all of his friends continue to honor his memory and keep it ever-green in our minds.
    Happy Birthday, Jimmy Bangley!


  21. Melissa says:

    Better a week late than never, I guess…..hope that wherever you are, Jimmy, you’ve been celebrating a life that has been cherished by so many.

    Thank you Allen for posting this~

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