Jean Simmons Obituary


Jean Simmons dies at 80; radiant beauty was known for stunning versatility



Over a career that spanned more than 60 years, she appeared in about 55 feature films and nearly as many television productions.


By Valerie J. Nelson
Los Angeles Times
January 23, 2010


Jean Simmons, a radiant British actress who as a teenager appeared opposite Laurence Olivier in “Hamlet” and emerged a star whose career flourished in the 1950s and 1960s in such films as “Guys and Dolls, “Elmer Gantry” and “Spartacus,” has died. She was 80.


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2 Responses to “Jean Simmons Obituary”

  1. Jean Simmons will be missed. She was an actress with substance and beauty ………a great combination.

  2. Marcelle Harrison says:

    Most obituaries of Jean Simmons minimized her success as an actress in Hollywood, but do not mention how under-rated and under-used she was. It was while she was a forced contract to Howard Hughes that she was offered Roman Holiday-but was prevented from taking it. He blighted her career, but even he couldn’t undo it. She was for many years one of the top ten Hollywood actresses, and starred opposite nearly every major star. She enhanced every film she was in, every role she took( even the dopey ones she didn’t turn down). She was subtle, deep, and totally engaging.
    Near the end of her career, she took many roles that were beneath her, in films that were unworthy of an international star with her talent and reputation. She had much more than beauty and talent. She had grace.

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