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 James Arness is best known for his role as Marshal Matt Dillon in ‘Gunsmoke,’ one of the longest-running prime-time series in network TV history. He was a towering symbol of frontier justice in the series that broke the mold for TV westerns.


By Dennis McLellan
Los Angeles Times
June 3, 2011


James Arness, the towering actor best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon, the strong and commanding symbol of frontier justice on the landmark TV western series “Gunsmoke,” died Friday. He was 88.


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2 Responses to “James Arness Obituary”

  1. Nick Leone says:

    From the time I was able to watch TV till now James Arness was one of my hero’s. My father and I would watch “Gunsmoke” faithfully each and every weak. I’m now 55 and I watch it everyday on “Encor’s” western channel. To me his death brings tears to my eyes. America has lost a great American Hero. I will miss you. I know that he is in heaven standing tall next to the Duke. Thank you James Arness for all the years of enjoyment.

  2. Landman says:

    Allan, you must be sick of my comments today, but you have as usual so many interesting subjects on your blog today. James Arness as you know grew up in Minneapolis along with his brother Peter Graves. I knew a man who went to school with both of them. He told me they were both wonderful men. Large in size, and equally large in Heart. God bless you Jim for all the episodes of Gun Smoke you made for us. From one Minnesotan to another, thanks for entertaining us all these years. You and Miss Kitty can now have another round at the Long Branch, that is if there is one in Heaven. Rest in Peace, and God bless the Arness Family.

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