Jackie Cooper’s Obituary


Jackie Cooper dies at 88; child star in the 1930s




‘Our Gang’ alumnus Jackie Cooper evolved into a successful 1950s TV star, a top ’60s TV studio executive and an Emmy-winning director in the ’70s.


By Dennis McLellan
Los Angeles Times
May 5, 2011


Jackie Cooper, whose tousled blond hair, pouty lower lip and ability to cry on camera helped make him one of the top child stars of the 1930s in films such as “Skippy” and “The Champ,” has died. He was 88.


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4 Responses to “Jackie Cooper’s Obituary”

  1. Philip says:

    Worked on a photo shoot with him about 15 years ago. He was such a lovely and kind man.

  2. JackTF says:

    Two of my mother’s favorite movie stars of her childhood and young adulthood were Jackie Coogan and Jackie Cooper. So when she eventually had a son [yours truly] the variant name Jack found its way onto the birth certificate. I have always enjoyed all of Mr. Cooper’s work and especially his first TV comedy series, The People’s Choice. Yet, perhaps my favorite Cooper piece is one of his Our Gang comedies, Teacher’s Pet [1930]. In that bittersweet comedy short, his schoolboy character is smitten by a sudden crush on his beautiful new teacher, Miss Crabtree. May God bless you, Jackie!

  3. Anne says:

    Jackie Cooper was a gifted actor who gave enjoyment and warmth to his grateful public. RIP Jackie.

  4. Chuck K says:

    Jackie Cooper was buried on 11/22/2011 at Arlington National Cemetery. He was accorded this honor as a retired Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

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