Ida Lupino’s 96th birthday


Ida Lupino



February 4, 1914, Camberwell, London, England


Check out Ida Lupino singing “One For My Baby” in a scene from Road House (1948)





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3 Responses to “Ida Lupino’s 96th birthday”

  1. Robert Richard says:

    I’m tickled, yes tickled, that you found the Roadhouse footage of Ida Lupino. I have been on a Johnny Mercer kick for awhile and had recalled she sang this song in the film but could not find it on Youtube. This is a great film and a reminder of the talent she possessed.

  2. This is, truly, one of my top 10 musical moments in film.

    So glad to have just found your site, I’m a little distracted being at work just now, but will be giving it a more thorough investigation later.

  3. Melissa says:

    Love your website. Was interested in using a silent star on my website. Is there a copyright issue that I need to address?
    It depends on the photo. each case is different.

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