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10 Hollywood rescues to die for


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I was sent the following article from the Fire Science Schools that is posted on their blog:


“They’ll have you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and cheering them on — that’s the power of Hollywood rescues. Rescue scenes elicit these types of feelings, as movie viewers idolize heroes and dream of being rescued by firefighters, police officers and the average Joe. Believable or not, Hollywood rescue scenes are iconic in pop culture and paint the picture of heroes we see worth imitating. In no particular order, here are 10 Hollywood rescues to die for:”


Take a moment and check out their blog and continue reading their top ten Hollywood rescues by clicking on the link below:






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  1. JackTF says:

    Of the ten rescue scenes on the list I like the one in The Towering Inferno best and I have watched it many times. Yet, it can’t even begin to compare with my all-time favorite, which is the extended, sinking-ship rescue scene that makes up most of the 1960 movie, The Last Voyage, with Robert Stack, Dorothy Malone and Woody Strode. Wow! It’s too bad so few people now living have seen it.

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