Hollywood Playhouse: Then and Now

Hollywood Playhouse:

Then and Now







(Top) Then: Hollywood Playhouse in the 1930s

(Bottom) Now: Hollywood Avalon in 2006


1735 N. Vine Street, Hollywood




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2 Responses to “Hollywood Playhouse: Then and Now”

  1. Valerie Huston says:

    I am searching for information about Orson Durand music director at the Hollywood Playhouse in 1928. Composed music for a production of “Waltz of the Dogs”.

  2. Hello Valerie,
    do you think your Orson Durand might be the author of “Necromancy Street and Other Tales” (1931)? He was certainly in L.A. at that time.

    I am interested in any info on him at all (dates? etc) as I currently know nothing but he sounds intriguing…


    John N. Smith

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