“Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide”


Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide



By Mark Masek


Ebook Description

For more than 100 years, Hollywood Forever Cemetery has been one of the premier burial locations for entertainment celebrities, studio executives and members of the Hollywood film community. Today, it’s one of the top tourist destinations for fans who want to pay their respects to their favorite stars. “Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide” is the most complete and comprehensive directory to find the final burial locations for everyone from “The First Movie Star” to the most recent additions, along with detailed personal and professional biographies.


Organized as four separate walking tours of the property, the book includes nearly 70 names, from the legendary Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Cecil B. DeMille, to more recent additions, including Don Adams, Mr. Blackwell, Estelle Getty and “Vampira.” The book also features the stories behind the stones, including the legend -– and the true story –- behind Valentino’s mysterious “Lady in Black,” the mystery of Marion Davies’ secret child, the ghosts seen at the graves of silent film actress Virginia Rappe and actor Clifton Webb, the death of Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer, the secret life and unsolved murder of director William Desmond Taylor, and the puzzling epitaph on the crypt of gangster Bugsy Siegel. 


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3 Responses to ““Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide””

  1. Frank Hurley says:

    Tony Luke Scott published an excellent book called The Stars of Hollywood Forever, I used it as my guide when I visited the cemetery

  2. Mark Masek says:

    Thanks, Allan. And, for the record, when I’m at Hollywood Forever, the guidebook I use is “Celebrities in Los Angeles Cemeteries: A Directory,” by Allan Ellenberger. We all approach this topic in different ways, and there’s plenty of room on the bookshelves for all of us.

  3. Landman says:

    There will never be “Too” much written about H4E. It is a wonderful place to visit and well worth ones time to place it on the “Must See” list while in LA. I have Tony Luke Scott’s book and use it very often. Thanks to all who devote their time to this great place.

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